Green Dot’s Terratek® Flex as an Impact Modifier for PLA

Green Dot Bioplastics finds that Terratek® Flex provides a significant increase in impact strength and elongation without compromising the compostability of PLA Polylactic acid (PLA) is a renewable thermoplastic polyester derived from cornstarch, sugarcane or tapioca roots.  The global availability of feedstocks and the (relatively) cost competitive position to petroleum-based plastics has made PLA one […]

Bioplastics raw materials sitting in front of injection molders and examples of finished products

Injection molders who have made bioplastics work

Learn how the relationship between injection molders and bioplastics has changed.

Graph showing projected growth of bioplastics market

What growth in bioplastics industry means for investors and the economy

The plastics industry is changing. Forecasts are predicting bioplastics will see tremendous growth over the next decade and now is an ideal moment for investors to start looking at bioplastics manufacturers. Over the past few years, large plastic companies have become interested in having a more sustainable option to offer companies and consumers, similar to […]

What to expect from our R&D capabilities

Our R&D capabilities enable us to custom formulate biocomposites specifically for your applications. The formulated biocomposite will not only meet performance requirements, but is scalable for any sized manufacturing processes.

Foosball Table Made from Terratek Wood-Plastic Composite

Formula & tooling considerations for manufacturing with wood-plastic composites

Designing and manufacturing from a wood-plastic composites is a remarkably similar process to working with traditional plastics. There are some additional variables, though, that designers and manufacturers should be aware of when material is being selected for a product. For manufacturers, understanding the effects of different ratios and tooling configurations on the process will help ensure […]

Desk Made from Terratek Wood-Plastic Composite

Manufacturing with a wood-plastic composite

What product designers and plastics manufacturers need to know about working with wood-plastic composites. The material selection process usually begins with a new idea for a product, or an idea for improving on an existing product. The owner of that idea then sits down with a product designer to talk about turning it into a reality. They […]

Endless possibilities with Terratek® plus liquid additives

Liquid additives can add both functionality and differentiation to a product. Our Terratek® products are well-suited to adding liquids like essential oils, fragrances, attractants or repellents. The biobased materials absorb and retain liquids. Something not possible with petroleum-based plastics. Now some of your favorite products can become multi-functional and unique. They’ll be better than you […]

Choosing a sustainable plastics partner that can meet your needs

You’re looking for a sustainable plastics partner to come up with exactly the right material to suit your needs. A company with a single sweet spot just won’t do. You need one that offers a range of biocomposites and biobased material that can help achieve the right outcome for your final product, while falling in […]

Impact Modification of PLA

Terratek® Flex Enhances Impact Strength and Compostability Polylactic Acid (PLA) is one of the most widely used compostable bioplastic materials in the U.S. However, the impact strength and heat tolerance of the material is quite low, making it inadequate for more demanding applications. While there are many materials that can be added to PLA to […]