About Green Dot Bioplastics

Are you looking for raw material with the versatility and strength of traditional plastic but without the negative environmental impact?

So were we. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we developed it ourselves and Green Dot Bioplastics was born.

Located in the heart of the scenic Kansas Flint Hills, we founded Green Dot Bioplastics in 2011 with a mission to create a new generation of plastics.


We know that no single bioplastic solution will eliminate the problems of waste, over-reliance on non-renewable resources, or the use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing. However, at Green Dot, we believe a combination of strategies gives product designers and entrepreneurs the flexibility to choose more sustainable materials without sacrificing quality.

The skilled researchers in our Product Development Lab are at the forefront of the development of bioplastic materials for innovative, sustainable end use. We have seen our raw materials turned into everything from surfboards to toys to wearable fashion to 3D printer filament. As with traditional plastics, the uses for Green Dot’s full line of plant-based plastics are as infinite as your imagination, with the added advantages of:

  • Decreasing dependency on petroleum-based fossil fuels;
  • Promoting the use of agricultural byproducts;
  • Lightening our environmental impact.

Together, we are closing the gap to a more sustainable future.

Where we have been:  

2011 Green Dot Holdings LLC was established with the hiring of CEO Mark Remmert and the company headquarters opened in Cottonwood Falls, KS. Remmert’s 30 year career with Dow Chemical infused the company with extensive knowledge of the global plastics market.

2012 We filed and were issued US Patent # 9,023,918 covering the world’s first biodegradable elastomeric rubber material named GDH-B1.

2012 saw the launch of the first commercial product using the GDH-B1, an iphone 4 case, available through REI stores.  The company completed its Seed Round to fund research and launch of the company. The company received two research grants from the Kansas Bioscience Authority and completed pioneering material evaluations at The Kansas Polymer Research Center.

2012, after just a year in business, Green Dot was named by Bloomberg Business Week as one of the Top 25 Social Entrepreneurs in America for 2012 and our pioneering compostable elastomer was named as a finalist for Germany-based Bioplastics Magazine’s annual bioplastics award.

2013  We acquired the assets of the bioplastics division of MGP Ingredients.  This brought Green Dot a full scale manufacturing facility, a materials development lab, and three new product lines, as well as materials development staff.  The Terratek ® lines of products included Terratek® WC, Terratek ® SC, and Terratek ® BD. (link to each of these pages on the website).

Green Dot completed its Series A Round and deployed the proceeds to integrate the acquisition, upgrade and replace out-dated equipment, hire a reliable and knowledge manufacturing team.

2015  Green Dot’s industry debut at NPE (National Plastics Expo) in Orlando, FL.  Zero Waste Fashion Show on Monday, March 23 at 8:15 a.m. in the Main Pavilion. The show featured fashions from the Savannah College of Art and Design and pieces made from Green Dot’s own compostable synthetic leather.

2015 CEO Mark Remmert named to Ingrams’ List of Top 50 Kansans to Know.

2016 The company name changed to Green Dot Bioplastics to better establish brand and name recognition in the bioplastics market.

2017 we were awarded the Bio-Based Product of the Year (Americas) by Bio-Based World News for our development of an innovative bioplastic composite for the BeginAgain line of John Deere Eco-Rigs toys.

2018 Corporate headquarters moved to Emporia, KS.

2019  The company closed on a Series A Preferred fundraising round to proceed with the next phase of the company growth. Fulcum Global Capital and Open Prairie venture capital groups bring not only financial resources but add expertise to the board of directors. Green Dot continues to grow our core products in the Terratek ® lines for injection molding and extrusion while shifting our research and development resources to single use disposable applications for packaging.  Simultaneously we are adding human and equipment capacity in our corporate, manufacturing, and research locations

2020, we will compete in the international Samsung Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC®) Finals in Paris, France, after being selected as one of three regional semifinalists in San Francisco.

We are looking forward to adding another big chapter in 2020!