The Starters Guide to Bioplastics in Lawn and Garden Products

Learn how to get started in designing a bioplastic product for lawn and garden.

The bioplastics handbook for injection molders icon

The bioplastics handbook for injection molders

Get a straightforward discussion of processing best practices for bioplastics.

Guide to Biodegradation e-book icon

Guide to biodegradation

Learn how biodegradable plastics can divert waste from landfills.

SelfEco Horticultural Pots Case Study e-book icon

SelfEco’s Horticultural Pots Case Study

A case study on how Green Dot Bioplastics developed a horticultural pot that could biodegrade once planted.

Kencove PasturePro Case Study e-book thumbnail

Kencove PasturePro Case Study

A case study on how Green Dot Bioplastics worked to identify a consistent wood pellet for the PasturePro Posts.

MCG Biocomposites Case Study e-book thumbnail

MCG BioComposites Plant Markers Case Study

With help from Green Dot, MCG BioComposites has created a biodegradable plant marker.

Futures Fins The RWC Keel for Stand-Up Paddleboards Case Study e-book thumbnail

Futures Fins Case Study

High performance meets sustainability – Futures Fins introduces environmentally friendly stand-up paddleboard fin.

Biocomposite Plastics vs. Traditional Plastics e-book thumbnail

Biocomposites vs. traditional plastics

Just how much are traditional plastics costing us? Are biocomposites the answer?

BioInspiration flexible filament for 3D printers case study e-book thumbnail

BioInspiration Case Study

How Green Dot teamed up with an eco-inspired company to create a flexible filament for 3D printers from compostable raw materials.

Pearl Jam Biodegradable Luggage Tag Case Study e-book thumbnail

Pearl Jam Case Study

Learn how Pearl Jam partnered with Green Dot to create a gift that’s true to their fans and to the environment.