SelfEco’s Horticultural Pots Case Study

A case study on how Green Dot Bioplastics developed a horticultural pot that could biodegrade once planted

Kencove PasturePro Case Study

A case study on how Green Dot Bioplastics worked to identify a consistent wood pellet for the PasturePro Posts.

MCG BioComposites Plant Markers Case Study

With help from Green Dot, MCG BioComposites has created a biodegradable plant marker.

Futures Fins Case Study

High performance meets sustainability – Futures Fins introduces environmentally friendly stand-up paddleboard fin.

Biocomposites vs. traditional plastics

Just how much are traditional plastics costing us? Are biocomposites the answer?

BioInspiration Case Study

How Green Dot teamed up with an eco-inspired company to create a flexible filament for 3D printers from compostable raw materials.

Pearl Jam Case Study

Learn how Pearl Jam partnered with Green Dot to create a gift that’s true to their fans and to the environment.

How to create more sustainable plastics

Learn how to meet growing demand for more sustainable products without compromising quality or cost.

The promise of wood-plastic composites

Learn how plastics combined with organic material are emerging as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics.

Working with wood-plastic composites

A guide for product designers and manufacturers working with sustainable biocomposites