Terratek® Flex GDH-B1

The market’s first bioplastic elastomer verified to meet U.S. (ASTM D6400-04) and E.U. (EN 13432) standards for composting in an industrial composting facility. The bioplastic will decompose in a backyard composting environment as well.

Terratek® BD

A line of biodegradable bioplastic created from a proprietary combination of starch-based materials and other ingredients, all of which meet industry standards for compostability.

Terratek® WC

A line of wood-plastic composites that provides the pleasing look of wood with the functionality and manufacturing ease of plastics, made from wood obtained from waste materials generated by lumber manufacturers and recycled plastic.

Terratek® SC

A line of starch biocomposites providing effective solutions for the growing demand for eco-friendly, biobased goods, Terratek SC50 and SC65 are certified biobased by the USDA’s BioPreferred Program.