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Terratek BD Biodegradables

Industrial Compostable | Home Compostable

Blown & Cast Film
Blown & Cast Film
Injection Molded Products
Injection Molded Products
Sheet & Thermoforming
Sheet & Thermoforming
Blown & Cast Film
Blown & Cast Film
Injection Molded Products
Injection Molded Products
Sheet & Thermoforming
Sheet & Thermoforming

Biodegradable resins are capable of playing a key role on our path to sustainable plastic production. While they will never completely eliminate the problem of plastic waste (since they are not suitable for all product applications), biodegradables can nevertheless be an important tactic in reducing pollution and waste in some instances.

The ability to compost single-use products like food service ware and packaging items, such as bags and films, ensures that plastic waste won’t remain on the planet for hundreds of years, reduces the amount of methane gas emitted from landfills and could help to prevent humans from needing to designate ever-larger parcels of land for trash disposal. According to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), between 22 and 43 percent of plastic consumed globally finds its way into landfills. Biodegradable resins could help to bring this number down, reducing one of the longest lasting impacts of our plastic use.

Because plastic waste has a tendency to end up in our parks, waterways and other sensitive ecosystems, it’s important to verify when shopping for biodegradable resins that “biodegradable” does not simply mean the capability to disintegrate into pieces invisible to the naked eye. True biodegradability means the ability to be broken down by bacteria of other organisms. Since the rise of green consumer preferences and government regulations have many companies working to improve their environmental footprint, it’s important to verify that a material meets industry standards for actual biodegradability, as well as biobased content.

Industry Resources

Third Party Certifications for Biodegradability and Biobased Content

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Creating a more sustainable plastic

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Advantages and benefits of biodegradable resins

As with all of our materials, Green Dot realizes that environmental sustainability can never come at the expense of performance. That’s why we’re adamant that, along with our materials meeting the industry standards for biodegradability, we’ve also made sure they’re heat-resistant, of comparable strength with alternative materials and present no major manufacturing hurdles.

Terratek BD is:

  • Made with materials that meet industry standards for fully biodegradable
  • Uniquely tolerant to heat conditions ranging from moderate to high
  • A rare combination of strength, rigidity and pliability

Application examples

Food packaging, disposable cutlery and other single-use items associated with food and other perishable products are a critical target for compostable plastics. Product applications for biodegradable resins aren’t confined to situations where they’re single-use or disposable. In some cases, biodegradability lends a product a distinct functional advantage. This is often true in gardening and agricultural applications where a product may need to lend short-term support or to act as a temporary barrier. Mulch films and plant pots are examples of such products.

Applications include:

  • Packaging for food and other products
  • Single use items such as food service ware
  • Organic waste containers
  • Gardening and other agricultural applications
  • A wide variety of injection-molded products
  • Film and Sheet applications
  • Thermoformed applications

If you’re envisioning a biodegradable version of your product, we’re interested in discussing it with you. Click here to schedule a material selection consultation and we’ll talk about whether Terratek BD from Green Dot is the right material for your product.