A Message of Sustainability for the Furniture Industry

Your product designers will appreciate the ability to add function to form. Your company will benefit from a sustainability message that will resonate with customers.

Green Dot makes it possible for you to use wood fibers and recycled plastics destined for the landfill to make attractive, strong, well-designed furniture. Anything you can do with plastic, you can do with our Terratek® WC wood-plastic composites.

Our small, uniform pellets optimized for injection molding allow you to combine the aesthetics of wood with the manufacturing capabilities of plastic. We combine a variety of wood species and wood particle sizes with plastic to meet your performance needs.

In addition to wood, starches and other plant-based materials can be used to create a unique aesthetic. Some examples are corn cob and hemp, which are part of Green Dot Bioplastics’ biocomposite line of products.

Does your design call for a clean, sleek look? No problem! Terratek® SC materials offer a biocomposite option with a solid color finish.

Terratex® Flex compostable elastomer is used to make a biotextile similar to synthetic leather. This high-quality alternative eliminates the harmful chemicals used to tan leather and the water-intensive, solvent-based manufacturing process for petroleum-based synthetic leather. The material composts after its useful life.