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Choosing a sustainable plastics partner that can meet your needs

You’re looking for a sustainable plastics partner to come up with exactly the right material to suit your needs. A company with a single sweet spot just won’t do. You need one that offers a range of biocomposites and biobased material that can help achieve the right outcome for your final product, while falling in line with your sustainability goals.

Choosing a partner to help you achieve your sustainable plastics objectives can be a challenge. Here are a few categories by which to evaluate potential candidates to assist you in meeting your sustainable plastics goals.

Capacity to customize

It’s important that a sustainable plastics partner is committed to working with you to create a product that meets expectations. Your bioplastics partner should have the resources and know-how to develop a material that will yield your exact physical requirements for your product. There’s no room in your production process for a one-trick-pony manufacturer who’s unable to customize to meet your needs.

Sustainable Plastics Partner - bottle caps made from bioplastics

Manufacturing expertise

An ideal sustainable plastics associate will have a sharp understanding of the manufacturing process. This will guarantee that they know the challenges and expectations in store for the material you choose. A knowledgeable partner will also be able to suggest ideal third-party manufacturers and toolmakers if needed. They should be able to predict a product’s compatibility with other materials and widely used machinery or offer advice on any other considerations that may arise on the way to a finished product.

Service beyond the sale 

Choosing a bioplastic company that is committed to serving you throughout product development and manufacturing can be the difference between a project that goes smoothly and one that’s filled with headaches. Unwavering focus on the needs of the customer is key to designing a sustainable plastic that satisfies the needs of that customer. As those needs change, the ideal partner is ready and willing to adapt to those changes. The key here is communication, and a partner not committed to ongoing dialogue will have trouble keeping up.

For more information on what it takes to successfully make sustainable plastic a part of your business model, download our white paper below. Want to speak with someone at Green Dot about creating the right sustainable plastic for you? Contact us here.

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