Starch-Based Composite Raw Materials

The utility of starch-based plastics

Starch-based plastics are a common material for injection molding or extrusion. The Green Dot Bioplastics team can work to customize a specialized material for various applications.

USDA Biopreferred Program: How biobased materials add value to products

  The United States Federal Government spends around $445 billion annually on goods and services. Thanks to the USDA’s Biopreferred program, originally enacted in 2002 and strengthened in 2008 and again in 2014, federal agencies are now mandated by law to explore ways to source at least some of those goods from biobased materials. For […]

Wood-Plastic Composite Pellets

Processing considerations for wood-plastic composites

We’ve discussed factors of wood-plastic composite that affect design, but what about during the processing phase of plastic production? Wood-plastic composites continue to stick to the theme of being relatively similar to traditional plastics in terms of processing, but again, there are a few things manufacturers should consider when using these remarkable materials. Pellet size […]

Wood-Plastic Composite Pellets and Wood Species

Wood-plastic composite particle size & wood species: The designer’s choice

Compared to traditional plastics, much of the manufacturing process remains the same when working with wood-plastic composites. But product designers should be aware of two key variables when setting off in a more sustainable direction with these biocomposites. Particle size and wood species are two features of wood-plastic composites that designers are able to choose […]

USDA Certified Biobased Product seal logo

Starch biocomposites are an eco-answer

Consumers and retailers are seeking more sustainable products. But, while 78% of consumers say that they buy ‘green’ products, only 43% are willing to pay more. Our Terratek SC starch biocomposites provide effective solutions to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly products. They provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastics without compromising on cost […]

Toy Glider Made from Terratek Wood-Plastic Composite

Wood-plastic composites are the best of both worlds

Green Dot’s Terratek WC wood-plastic composites can be foamed to create lightweight parts that retain strength and durability. The Terratek WC pellets can also be extruded to make WPC sheet. Now you can create products like this glider that are both light and strong, combining the timelessness and warmth of wood without sacrificing the toughness of […]

Toy firetruck made from Terratek Wood-Plastic Composite

The versatility of wood-plastic composite plastics

Decking may have played the first prominent role for wood-plastic composites, but the versatility of these hybrid formulations goes far beyond the back patio. These composite materials are an effective stand-in for a wide range of products. Wood-plastic composites are compatible with most plastic processing tooling and are far more efficient to produce when compared […]

Stacking toy made from Terratek Wood-Plastic Composite

Achieving the right look with wood-plastic composites

Wood and plastic each bring their own strengths to a composite material. Plastic enhances the strength and durability of the wood, and wood lends a look and feel to plastic that had always been lacking in older formulations. For example, in decking made from wood-plastic composites, the circumstances call for a tough material that can […]

The Advantages of Terratek WC Wood-Plastic Composites

Make more sustainable products with Terratek® wood composite The size and inconsistency of most wood-plastic pellets present challenges for molders and manufacturers. Green Dot’s new optimized pellets provide better processing and superior parts. The Aesthetics of Wood & The Processability of Plastic Terratek WC wood-plastic composites (WPC) combine the pleasing look of wood with the […]