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The difference is choice


At Green Dot, we understand that making plastic products more sustainable can mean different things to different people. A company’s sustainability goals and the value proposition of its products will vary. Some may want sustainable plastic materials made from renewable feedstocks, others may seek to use reclaimed or recycled materials, while others may want to use materials that can be returned to nature when the useful life of a product has ended.

Unlike other companies that only offer one type of material, Green Dot provides a full range of bioplastics and biocomposites created to lighten the environmental impact of the plastic products we use every day. Our Terratek SC starch composites are certified by the USDA BioPreferred® Program. The reclaimed wood fibers in our Terratek WC wood-plastic composites can be combined with virgin, recycled or even biodegradable plastics in accordance to customer’s needs. And, we offer both soft and rigid materials that will biodegrade when placed in a composting environment.

We start by listening. During our product consultation, we take time to understand our customer’s product application and their sustainability goals. Then our team goes to work. We can offer solutions from one of our four families of bioplastics and biocomposites and can quickly customize these sustainable plastic materials to meet your specifications. Our goal is to provide superior materials to meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing cost or performance.

Want to learn how Green Dot can help your company? Request a product consultation and learn how we can help your customers contribute to a more sustainable world.

Creating a more sustainable plastic

Learn how we’re meeting demand for more sustainable goods without sacrificing quality or cost.