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New Product Development Lab Opened

Bioplastics and Biocomposites Product Development Lab - Ottawa, KS

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new product development lab in Ottawa, Kansas. The newly expanded facility can quickly and efficiently produce customized bioplastic and biocomposite materials formulated to our customers’ needs.

The growing consumer demand for more sustainable plastic products makes it more important than ever for product developers and OEM’s to find alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastics – materials that have a lighter environmental footprint, without sacrificing quality or cost.

Our Product Development Manager, Mike Parker, is a veteran in the field of bioplastics and biocomposite formulations. He led the development of our Terratek® material lines.  Every day, Mike creates new materials to meet our customers’ unique sustainability and performance goals. The new Product Development Lab is equipped to compound a wide range of natural fibers, wood flours, and starches with biodegradable, recycled or virgin plastics. New material formulations can be molded, and physical properties tested.

These capabilities allow us to formulate materials to meet our customers’ specific sustainability goals, whether by using more renewable content, using recycled or reclaimed content, or materials that will biodegrade in a composting environment. Material production can seamlessly move from pilot-scale to commercial-scale production at our manufacturing facility. This ability to quickly innovate and iterate provides our customers with a competitive edge in bringing more sustainable products into the market.

Are you seeking materials that will lighten the environmental footprint of your product? Request a product consultation and learn how we can help your customers contribute to a more sustainable world.