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Wood-plastic composites are the best of both worlds

Green Dot’s Terratek WC wood-plastic composites can be foamed to create lightweight parts that retain strength and durability. The Terratek WC pellets can also be extruded to make WPC sheet. Now you can create products like this glider that are both light and strong, combining the timelessness and warmth of wood without sacrificing the toughness of plastic.


The type and ratio of wood we blend with the plastic can provide different visual and tactile effects, so it’s perfect for whatever you may need.

We’d never have imagined something that can be durable and lightweight at the same time, but Green Dot’s Terratek WC material makes it possible. To read more about how these materials are shaking up the plastics industry, download our white paper: The Promise of Wood-Plastic Composites.

And if you plan on attending NPE 2015, please stop by and see us at booth S19200.

Working with wood-plastic composites

Why plastics manufacturers have nothing to fear by switching to a wood-plastic composite alternative material