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‘Zero Waste’ Fashion Show featuring synthetic leather from Green Dot

Imagine a breathable, strong fabric with an exquisitely soft touch. You’d want all of your clothes to feel this wonderful wouldn’t you? What if we told you the fabric was eco-friendly? Even better! Our synthetic leather is made from Terratek® Flex compostable elastomeric bioplastic.


It is made from renewable materials and without solvents, adhesives or harmful discharge to air or water. It is well suited for garments, bags, accessories and upholstery.

Want to see the fabric in action? The synthetic leather will be featured in the ‘Zero Waste’ Fashion Show during the opening ceremonies of NPE. We will also be showcasing bags and backpacks at our booth during the conference. Green Dot is bringing style to sustainability. We help designers and manufacturers delight customers with products that are not just greener, their better.

Green Dot is bringing sustainability to style. We help designers and manufacturers delight customers with products that aren’t just greener, they’re better.

For more information about synthetic leather made from our Terratek® Flex compostable elastomeric bioplastic, stop by booth S19200 at NPE 2015 or call us to schedule a consultation at 620-273-8919.

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