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Urinal Screens

Pee’in is believe’in

Biodegradable Urinal Screens prototype

Sorry girls, this idea is a boy’s thing. Lots of public bathrooms have a screen in the urinal to catch trash, cigarette butts, or whatever else gets dropped in there. Some restrooms use a urinal screen that encloses a “fragrant” urinal cake to help mask the odor. Often times the urinal screens even have a message, advertisement, or simply a bull’s-eye to improve your aim.

We always thought biodegradable urinal screens would be a big improvement, especially if the plastic used to make the screen was inherently fragrant via a blended-in scent. After all, if ever there was an application not intended to be reused, reduced, or recycled, it’s probably the urinal screen.

Green Dot has several highly degradable bioplastics and biocomposites that can be produced with scents, fragrances, or even including a disinfectant. There are a lot of great design options for such a lowly application.

Stadiums, airports, office buildings, might welcome such an innovation. And, certainly janitorial staff would welcome a more sanitary and ecological solution to the urinal mess.