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Scented Scoops made with Terratek® Flex

Scented Scoops smell good enough to eat! Green Dot partnered with BeginAgain toys to make these fun ice cream toys. They’re made with Terratek® Flex, which is tested and verified by NSF International to be child safe.


It is free from phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead, so you can rest easy knowing your child’s toys are perfectly safe. The best part of Scented Scoops is that they smell like ice cream! The starch-based material lends itself well to scenting. We used chocolate, vanilla and strawberry essential oils to make these scoops smell like the real thing.

BeginAgain has also used our Terratek® Flex to create several other toys, including the Green Ring Teether. It was named by Yahoo as one of the 10 best eco-friendly toys in 2012. “This corn starch bio-resin is the most innovative eco-material we’ve ever had our hands on,” said Chris Clemmer, president of BeginAgain Toys.

With these scoops, kids can spend hours inside their very own ice cream parlors. The scents bring their imaginary shoppes one step closer to reality.

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