Brainpower Drives Needed Change

It is here: Bioplastics are a key material for the plastic extrusion industry. Consumers want sustainable options. Dozens of top brands are pledging to bring more sustainable products and packaging to market. bBioplastics are making serious strides as a material that takes the place of conventional plastic.

But when it comes to selecting reliable bioplastics material that works reliably in extrusion equipment, it’s important to understand that not all bio-thermal plastics are alike. The last thing you want is a material that delays changeovers and creates stoppages in the production line.

That’s where the plastics engineers at Green Dot Bioplastics enter the picture. We’ve spent a decade tirelessly perfecting bioplastics to ensure the first foot of tubing you extrude is consistent with the last, or that the sheet of plastic you produce is flawless from stem to stern. Our team is ready to work with you to ensure our materials pross and perform as required because we want your operation to be part of the solution to the plastics waste problem.

By now, you’ve had customers come to you looking for a sustainable alternative and if not, they will sooner rather than later. Our materials can seamlessly replace traditional plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and ABS to name a few. You can sample our bioplastics to make sure they work with your equipment, meet your expectations and match your tolerances.

Your customers are demanding that green alternatives — be it products or packaging made from renewable resources — be biobased or compostable and provide a number of other environmental benefits.