Green Dot, BioInspiration and Partner to Create WillowFlex, a New Flexible Filament for 3D Printer

BioInspiration introduces WillowFlex, a new flexible filament for 3D printers that offers unmatched superior performance with greater temperature resistance, better adhesion and faster printing sppeds. The filament is made with Green Dot’s Terratek® Flex compostable elastomeric bioplastic. Green Dot has just published a case study detailing the project and the unique physical characteristics of the material.

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Plastics Today features Green Dot, Pearl Jam collaboration

Plastics Today took a deep dive into the relationship between Green Dot and Pearl Jam, what went into the band’s decision to make a gift for their fans from a compostable bioplastic, and what it might mean for the future of environmentalism for this story.

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Green Dot and Bixby International Partner To Develop Environmentally Friendly Plastic Solutions

Bixby International is a custom thermoplastic sheet extruder and laminator offering one of the industry’s broadest polymer and substrate selections. Over the past several years, Bixby has been working with Green Dot, a full-service bioplastics company dedicated to meeting the growing demand for biobased and compostable materials.

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Plastics News spotlights Green Dot’s Pearl Jam partnership

The industry publication took a look at Pearl Jam’s decision to make a gift for their fans from a new compostable bioplastic material.

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Green Dot Helps Pearl Jam Create Better Products with Bioplastic

Pearl Jam and Green Dot, working together with Sea-Lect Plastics, have created a biodegradable luggage tag manufactured locally in the Seattle area. The tags were made as a special gift to members of the band’s popular fan organization, the Ten Club.

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Green Dot To Sponsor “Zero Waste” Fashion Show at the Plastics Industry’s Most Important Trade Event

Company Sponsors Main Event at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase

Green Dot, a bioscience social enterprise serving the plastics industry and style conscious consumers, is proud to sponsor the “Zero Waste Fashion Show” at this year’s NPE: The International Plastics Showcase on March 23, 2015.

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Green Dot to Present Findings on Terratek® Flex Bioplastic as an Impact Modifier for Polylactic Acid at GPEC 2014

Terratek® Flex, the market’s first compostable elastomeric bioplastic, can be used as an impact modifier for polylactic acid (PLA), increasing impact strength, elongation and flexibility without sacrificing compostability.

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Green Dot Develops Compostable Synthetic Leather Made with its Terratek® Flex Bioplastic

Green Dot has developed a high quality synthetic leather material made with Terratek® Flex, the market’s first compostable elastomeric bioplastic. The new material combines an exquisite soft touch and a lighter environmental footprint to make a more sustainable synthetic leather.

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Green Dot Introduces New Terratek® WC Wood-Plastic Composite Pellets Optimized for Injection Molding and Sheet Extrusion

Green Dot’s Terratek® WC wood-plastic composites now come in a smaller pellet size ideal for injection molding and sheet extrusion. The innovation allows for the use of wood-plastic composites in a wider range of plastics applications from toys to furniture and architecture to housewares.

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As USDA Biopreferred Program Resumes Certifications, Green Dot Demonstrates Support of the Program with its Terratek SC Starch Composites

Green Dot’s Terratek SC starch composites can replace up to 65% of the nonrenewable feedstocks for everyday plastics. Terratek SC starch composites have been certified as biobased as defined by the USDA’s Biopreferred Program. Products made with Terratek SC may qualify for preferential purchasing by Federal procurement programs.

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