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Green Dot Bioplastics CEO Talks Alternative Plastics on The Future of Agriculture Podcast

September 23, 2020

Mark Remmert, CEO of Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc., was a recent guest on the podcast The Future of Agriculture.

Remmert joined The Future of Agriculture host Tim Hammerich for a discussion about bioplastics – what they are, why they matter, and the potential for market growth.

Hammerich wondered, Could bioplastics follow the trajectory of alternative energy and alternative protein in the marketplace? Is this an industry poised for explosive growth? After speaking with Remmert, Hammerich said, “This conversation left me beyond bullish about [bioplastics’] future potential.”

Low-cost, marine- and biodegradable bioplastics are the key to challenging traditional petroleum-based plastic’s hold on the market, Remmert said. At least 50% of plastics are disposable, single-use applications, the vast majority of which end up in our waste streams. Converting those materials to bioplastics would have a tremendous positive impact on our environment.

“The typical customers we work with are companies that are also trying to make the world a better place,” Mark Remmert, Green Dot CEO said. “They’re trying to bring products to consumers that they can be proud of. Every human, every pet, and every domesticated animal on the planet generate massive amounts of plastic waste, so we should all care about this. This affects everyone. Everybody can contribute. Everybody can be a better consumer.”

Listen to the conversation about what bioplastics are, the materials’ strengths and weaknesses, why recycling alone is not the answer to our global environmental crisis, and the enormous potential for bioplastics wherever you access podcasts or follow this link to to hear Future of Agriculture FOA 224:  Plant-Based Plastic with Green Dot Bioplastics.


About Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc.

Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc is a bioscience social enterprise headquartered in Emporia, Kansas. A full-service bioplastics company, Green Dot is dedicated to delivering the very best of sustainable materials to our customers. That’s the thinking behind our Terratek® line of bioplastics, developed to meet the growing demand for biobased and compostable materials with fewer of the drawbacks associated with traditional plastics.