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Green Dot Bioplastics brings plant-based plastics to New York Toy Fair 2020

January 29, 2020

New York Toy Fair 2020

Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc. joins the discussion about the future of toys at next month’s New York Toy Fair.

New York Toy Fair 2020 takes place February 22-25 at Javits Center in New York City. Visit Green Dot Bioplastics at Booth 1D223 to see the latest in innovative bioplastics materials and learn more about how bioplastics might fit your products.

CEO Mark Remmert will participate in the panel discussion “Is Sustainable Attainable?”, sponsored by Green Dot Bioplastics. Remmert and play professionals will discuss the growing consumer support for sustainable practices in manufacturing and how companies can use recycled and upcycled materials, bioplastics, and more to make green the new black.

Join the conversation at “Is Sustainable Attainable?” on Sunday, February 23 at 4:30 p.m. in Creative Factor Theater.

“Plant-based plastics are perfect for toys because they are both safer to produce and safer for children to interact with than petroleum-based plastics,” Remmert said. “We are excited to share our sustainable materials and processes with the creative, innovative minds at the New York Toy Fair. Bioplastics are the way of the future.”

About Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc.

Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc is a bioscience social enterprise headquartered in Emporia, Kansas. A full-service bioplastics company, Green Dot is dedicated to delivering the very best of sustainable materials to our customers. That’s the thinking behind our Terratek® line of bioplastics, developed to meet the growing demand for biobased and compostable materials with fewer of the drawbacks associated with traditional plastics.