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Green Dot named one of Bloomberg Business Week Top 25 Social Entrepreneurs in America

Green Dot is proud to be named of the Top 25 Social Entrepreneurs in America by Business Week. Our new-to-the-world compostable thermoplastic elastomer caught the attention of publishing giant Bloomberg after we sold nearly 70,000 units of our compostable cell phone case in 2012.

Green Dot is developing a compostable, biodegradable soft plastic based on cornstarch to replace petroleum-based plastics. The company has shipped nearly 70,000 units of its first product, an iPhone case sold online and through outdoor goods retailer REI, and expects more than $1 million in revenue this year. The cost of the bioplastic, at $4.50 per pound, is competitive with similar materials that aren’t biodegradable. “It doesn’t go in the landfill. It’s toxin-free,” says spokesman Kevin Ireland. “We’re trying to decrease the amount of enduring waste in the environment.”

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