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Green Dot creates compostable identifier for Global Citizen festival

compostable biodegradable plastic Global Citizen identifier band bracelet

Everyone has a cause. For us at Green Dot, our cause is presenting consumers with smarter choices when it comes to the goods they buy, such as compostable plastic materials. That’s why we were excited to partner with the platform that exists to connect people and causes, Global Citizen, at this past weekend’s 2015 Global Citizen Festival held in New York’s Central Park.

As a gift for festival-goers, Green Dot created wearable identifier bands made from biodegradable, compostable plastic and a waxed cotton cord. Inspired by Chinese Feng Shui “good luck” coin bracelets, this commemorative accessory can be worn for years and then composted when it’s reached the end of its useful life. The Global Citizen “O” bracelet is now available for purchase online through the Global Citizen store.

In addition to the wearable identifiers, Green Dot also helped to create backpack tote bags for VIPs, as well as biodegradable, compostable plastic luggage tags that were distributed at pre- and post-show events.

For more on Green Dot’s partnership with Global Citizen, check out our release prior to the event. And to learn more about how we’re giving product designers smarter, more environmentally conscious material options, visit our biodegradable composites page.

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