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From landfill to living room: Designing furniture with wood-plastic composites

What if you could make beautiful, long lasting furniture from materials that might otherwise be discarded in a landfill? When a top-tier furniture maker wanted to do just that, they turned to Green Dot.


Our product development lab formulated a wood-plastic composite (WPC) using reclaimed wood fibers and recycled plastic that delivers uncompromising performance while conserving natural resources. We were then able to quickly scale up to commercial production of small, uniform pellets optimized for injection molding.

Our Terratek® WC wood-plastic composites combine the aesthetics of wood with the manufacturing capabilities of plastic. A variety of wood species and wood particle sizes can be combined with recycled, reclaimed or virgin plastic to meet specific customer needs.

Our manufacturing facility is specially equipped to handle a wide range of biomaterials including plant fibers and starches. Green Dot can quickly and efficiently create custom formulations to meet specific customer needs. We help bring imagination into reality.

To learn more about working with wood-plastic composites download our white paper, “Manufacturing with wood-plastic composites – What product designers and plastics manufacturers need to know about working with wood-plastic composites”and stop by our booth (S19200) at NPE 2015.

Working with wood-plastic composites

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