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Deer Attractant Pellets

The Buck Stops Here

Available for field testing now through December 6, 2016 – click here.


Hunters often use attractants to lure deer into a hunting area. Many of the most popular products are liquids and sprays; however, these products have a limited effective lifespan and do not weather well once dispensed. Biopolymer deer attractant pellets infused with scent can provide a more effective and longer-lasting attractant and will gently biodegrade when their useful life has ended.

In preliminary trials the results were amazing.

  • Pellets quickly attracted bucks
  • Pellets are effective much longer than standard sprays
  • Stored pellets last and keep potency indefinitely

Benefits of using Terratek Bioplastic

  • Biopolymer holds and slowly releases the attractant
  • Easy to store and dispense
  • Pellets will biodegrade leaving no enduring waste, nor disclosing the hunting location

Terratek bioplastics can provide superior solutions for a variety of slow scent release outdoor applications including, insect and rodent repellents.

You can help us make our deer attractant pellets into production by supporting us on our IndieGoGo page. Donors will receive pellets to trial and are encourage to send trail cam footage and photos of the results. We will provide additional samples to those who share their results.