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Bat Ray

A sleek, eco-friendly toy, for pool, beach, or tub.


An industrial designer built a 3D model in SolidWorks for a floating Bat Ray bioplastic pool toy. We always thought it looked like something we wanted in the pool when we were kids. And, since we would make it from an NSF Child Safe approved bioplastic, it would be something every mom would be glad to have her kids play with. This soft and flexible bioplastic contains no plasticizers, BPA, heavy metals, PVC or other toxic chemicals.

The key feature of this bioplastic pool toy is that it would be buoyancy neutral – the body would float slightly above the surface while the wings drifted slightly below the surface; giving the appearance of a real bat ray in the ocean.

We envisioned several size options – as much as 3′ across for a very cool pool toy, or perhaps 6-12″ wide for something in the bathtub.

Green Dot owns CAD files and has the material and manufacturing processes to make this toy.