Long lead time for material development

Material development is what we do. And we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing how to achieve the results our customers are looking for. Each combination of needs may be unique, but we’re able to draw on our years of experience to minimize turnaround times.

Bioplastics are too expensive

A lot of companies would like to be more sustainable, but it’s simply not feasible from a cost standpoint. Not so with bioplastics from Green Dot. Not only are our material costs competitive with traditional plastics, but they also work perfectly well with existing molding and extrusion equipment in most cases.

We need someone who knows plastics

We’re not just material scientists leaning on experience in the lab to yield results. We’re also plastics experts with more than 40 combined years of experience in the plastics industry. We’ve experienced the field and know how important it is to make it more sustainable.

Bioplastics just don’t perform well

Maybe this was true. Once. But since Green Dot arrived on the scene, we’ve been creating bioplastics that can be just as stiff or flexible as traditional plastics, withstand similar if not greater temperature extremes, stand up to the elements and even remain durable all the way up until they’re composted. We believe sustainability doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in performance.