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BioInspiration Case Study

What you’ll learn:

BioInspiration is a Berlin-based materials company that’s seeking to begin an organic materials revolution. In their search for a gap in the market’s offerings of compostable materials, BioInspiration decided to focus on what they saw as a need for a flexible 3D printer filament made from organic materials. The final result is called WillowFlex, and they turned to Green Dot to get it done.

Find out:

  • What WillowFlex properties are impressing 3D printers (Hint: It goes beyond compostability)
  • How the companies collaborated across the globe to nail the formulation
  • BioInspiration’s goals for their flexible, compostable 3D filament
  • Potential applications for WillowFlex and for all the makers designing products for 3D printing.

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