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Luggage Tags

Make a statement with an eco-friendly adornment when you travel

biodegradable luggage tag

This is a turn-key business opportunity for someone. Green Dot owns a mold to manufacture this luggage tag. We use it internally to make samples for various bio-based and biodegradable plastics. It’s even been used by the band Pearl Jam to make promotional items for their fans. The tag can be colored and printed for any design feature the customer wants. Green Dot would be happy to collaborate or assist the right partner in using this mold and manufacturing process.

Ad specialty companies, promotional items, event sponsors, corporate giveaways, brands, OEMs, retailers, NGOs or environmental causes groups might find this a useful item to demonstrate their message. The back of the luggage tag is essentially a mini-billboard for whatever message you want to deliver. It will be frequently viewed for a long time. The eco story will resonate with the user. And, when all is finished, it will gently degrade back into the environment.