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Green Dot Introduces the Market’s First Compostable Elastomeric Bioplastic

Green Dot is a new bioscience social enterprise based in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. The company is introducing the market’s first compostable elastomeric bioplastic, GDH-B1. Unlike most compostable bioplastics, GDH-B1 is a soft rubber-like material that’ss pliable and durable. Green Dot is placing this pioneering compostable bioplastic in the hands of millions of consumers with innovative products for stylish consumers.

Green Dot’s compostable elastomeric bioplastic offers a superior alternative to petroleum-based soft plastics. GDH-B1 is made from renewable plant-based sources. It has been tested by NSF International to be safe from phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead. GDH-B1 is the only soft elastomeric plastic verified to meet U.S. (ASTM D6400) and E.U. (EN13432) standards for compostability. The bioplastic’s unique chemistry offers a lower carbon footprint and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

GDH-B1 is not just “greener,” it’s better. The material is durable, strong, and pliable. The bioplastic’s characteristics provide excellent performance in fabrication. It has a lower melt temperature compared to petroleum-based elastomers, reducing energy cost and shortening production cycle times. It has superior compatibility with other thermoplastic elastomers and better printability. GDH-B1 can be used with existing manufacturing equipment in the majority of plastic processing applications.

Green Dot is placing this new material in the hands of millions of consumers with innovative products made in the U.S.A. The company’s initial product success is the market’s first compostable soft plastic phone case. The BioCase™ is designed and manufactured by Green Dot. Over 100,000 units have been shipped since the product’s introduction in December 2011. The case is distributed internationally by Nite Ize and sold by top tier retailers such as REI. Product reviewers and consumers have lauded the BioCase™ for its soft touch and precise fit.

Green Dot is also supplying resin to Fort Collins, Colorado toymaker, BeginAgain Toys. BeginAgain is introducing Green Dot’s compostable, toxin-free bioplastic to parents and children with two products featuring GDH-B1, Scented Scoops, an imaginative ice cream playset and the Green Ring teether. These toys have already received accolades for their creative design and sustainable materials. BeginAgain’s Chris Clemmer described GDH-B1 as “the most innovative eco-material we’ve ever had our hands on.”

Green Dot’s innovative technology and product development have been recognized by Bloomberg’s Businessweek, who named Green Dot as one of the top 25 social entrepreneurs of 2012. Green Dot was selected from over 300 nominations. Criteria for selection were based on scope, impact and economic sustainability. “We’re honored to be selected by Bloomberg,” stated Green Dot CEO, Mark Remmert. “This is further validation that a small company can change the world, educating consumers and producing sustainable alternatives for the products we use every day.”

Green Dot Holdings LLC was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. The company is led by CEO, Mark Remmert, a thirty-year veteran of the plastics industry. Mr. Remmert was formerly CEO of Styron Corporation, a $5 billion wholly owned Dow Chemical subsidiary. Previously, Mr. Remmert was President of LG-Dow Polycarbonate LTD and General Manager of Dow Fiber Solutions, Dow Engineering Plastics, and Dow Thermoplastic Urethanes.

Green Dot serves both the plastics industry and style-conscious consumers who want to protect the Earth, not pollute it with enduring waste. Green Dot aspires to improve the environment in which we live, by building a more sustainable world through renewable bio-based resins and promoting their use through invention, creation and research so everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world.