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Green Dot Bioplastics’ Compostable Film Resin Terratek® BD3003 Receives TÜV OK compost HOME Certification

May 5, 2023

Sustainable plastic film resin certified for home composting.

Green Dot Bioplastics, a leading developer and supplier of biobased and compostable plastics is proud to announce that our compostable film resin, Terratek BD3003 has received certification from TÜV AUSTRIA for OK compost HOME. Green Dot’s new compostable film resin offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional resins.

This resin was developed to achieve a film alternative to low density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) blown and cast films. It can be utilized as either a sealant in a lamination to a compostable print web such as Green Dot Bioplastics’ Terratek BD100100 or polylactic acid (PLA) structures. Alternatively it could function as a stand-alone web that can be surface printed and used in Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) as well as Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) applications with lower seal initiation temperatures.

Making the switch to Terratek BD3003 will not require capital expense in terms of new equipment. The minor adjustments needed include lowering the processing temperatures and adjusting line speeds. While polypropylene and polyethylene run from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, the seal initiation temperature for bioplastics is between 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, Terratek BD3003 exhibits excellent dart and puncture properties which allows for the film to be used as an alternative to traditional PE films without sacrificing performance and meeting the demands of numerous flexible packaging applications. Film flatness, as well as bubble stability and consistency in processing have also been identified as manufacturing benefits.

This compostable film resin is designed to require less raw material while maintaining durability, flexibility, and other performance attributes to meet the application requirements. The film can provide the opportunity for source reduction in the package while allowing for a thinner gauge film in many flexible packaging applications without sacrificing performance.

“We specifically wanted to create a film resin that is approved for home composting while retaining the versatility and durability we are known for,” said Dave Szink, Chief Commercial Officer. “This product offers a more responsible option without sacrificing the performance required by brand owners. Having passed TÜV’s rigorous certification process, we are excited to see how our customers utilize Terratek BD3003 to produce high-quality, sustainable products.”

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is a leading independent Testing, Inspection, and Certification company covering industry, energy, infrastructure, transportation, certification, training, and digital services with more than 2,600 experts in more than 30 countries. On December 1, 2017, TÜV AUSTRIA Group integrated the OK compost & OK biobased conformity marks and certification activities into the newly founded subsidiary TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium.

“Our goal is to continuously add new, high-performance resins to our line card for compostable packaging and single-use disposable applications. We are proud to say our products are TÜV certified, the highest standard third-party verification”, said Mark Remmert, Chief Executive Officer.

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