Deer Attractant Pellets

Biopolymer pellets infused with scent can provide a more effective and longer lasting attractant

Little Green Army Men

Fun little toy except for the PVC, phthalates, and endocrine disruptors

Toy Trains, Logs and Blocks

Iconic toys – complete with toxic paint, splinters, and made in China

Synthetic Balsa Wood

Super lightweight wood composites that function like balsa wood.

Luggage Tags

Make a statement with an eco-friendly adornment when you travel.

Plant Ties / Tree Wrap

Green Dot has several bioplastic formulations that could make ties of different types – soft, stretchy, rigid, or brightly colored.

Air Fresheners

At Green Dot we know how to incorporate scents and fragrances into the matrix of eco-friendly bioploymers.

Bat Ray

A sleek, eco-friendly toy, for pool, beach, or tub.

Urinal Screens

Green Dot has several highly degradable bioplastics and biocomposites that can be produced with scents, fragrances, or even including a disinfectant.